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Modernist self-build - Roof and Sedum

How to blend a large grey flat roof area into the landscape?

The original roof leaked in several places and was not insulated, so the house had substantial heat loss through the roof. We decided on a living roof so that the building would blend into the scenery when viewed from a higher level and would also offset the footprint of the building. The Sedum also minimises the rainwater runoff, provides an extra degree of insulation and increases the lifespan of the roofing membrane as it protects it from UV light.

We chose a Bauder extensive green roof system using Sedum blankets as this is a relatively lightweight option from a leading manufacturer. The blanket is comprised of a drainage mat, water retention mat and Sedum mat containing seven different Sedum types. This is installed over a Warm roof deck with Bauder vapour barrier, rigid foil-faced 140mm PIR insulation boards, underlayer and root-resistant capping top layer, installed by approved contractor Span Roofing.