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Modernist self-build - Rebuild

Putting a house back together takes a lot longer than knocking it down...

The demolition process took a matter of weeks but the rebuild took many months. Numerous contractors were required, all managed and scheduled to minimise the overall construction time and remain within budget whilst maintaining the overall design aesthetic.

Particular emphasis was placed on creating an airtight and energy-efficient external envelope to the building, with Tescon airtightness products used to seal the structure, as well as a combination of 200mm Rockwool insulation and 140mm Celotex with a taped airtight membrane under the suspended lower floor.

The airtight construction meant that an MVHR system would be required, with a combination of Polypipe Domus Megaduct 220x90mm and Supertube 204x60mm flat-channel ducting throughout with silencers to remove room-to-room cross-talk. Acoustic insulation was used in the floor zone and partition walls to also provide a sound barrier between rooms.

The minimal heating requirements are provided by an Atag system boiler and Atag solar twin coil pressurised cylinder with all pipework fully lagged with Rockwool Rocklap foil-faced pipe insulation to prevent heat loss. Bisque Finn, Blok and Aeon Sovran radiators are used in the main living spaces with MHS radiators in bathrooms, all fitted by our Plumbing and Heating Engineer, Mike Lewis.