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Modernist self-build - English Oak cladding

Contrasting materials to add visual interest.

We chose to use cladding on the upper level not only to soften the visual impact from the roadside view and from ground level but to also give an interlocking contrast to the white render.

For the cladding we knew what we didn't want - the usual flat, horizontal Larch or Western Red Cedar. We wanted to add texture and depth, leaving the timber untreated to allow the cladding to silver over time so that it blended into the landscape.

We devised an open-jointed cladding style using five different thicknesses of Air Dried 1st Quality non-jointed English Oak, machined with a custom 7 degree profile for rainwater runoff. The cladding was supplied by Vastern Timber, who proved invaluable in their advice and guidance on our cladding design. Images of our cladding have been featured in Selfbuilder & Homemaker and in Future Constructor and Architect magazine.

To upgrade the thermal efficiency of the building, Celotex insulation boards were installed behind the cladding with Tyvek UV Facade and battens over the insulation to provide fixings for the cladding.