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Modernist self-build - Interior

At last, some creature comforts!

The interior English Oak cladding in the main living area of the upper floor provides a connection between outside and in, allowing the interior and exterior spaces to flow into each other. This is also emphasised by the flush thresholds between the exterior balcony and internal flooring.

The flooring on both upper and lower floors is 65mm Tongue and Groove English Tiger Brown Oak, supplied in random lengths by Vastern Timber. This hardwood has a very distinctive pattern and colour caused by the Beefsteak Fungus (Fistulina hepatica) that attacks the roots of Oak trees and causes the wood to display chocolate brown streaks rising up from the base of trunk. The quarter-sawn boards usually display medullary rays across their width. The kiln drying of the wood prevents any further decay from the fungus.

We fitted the flooring as a continuous floor with no thresholds between rooms which was then professionally sanded with a Bona dust free sanding system and Lagler Trio by Avon Hardwood Flooring. We then finished the 130m2 of flooring with three coats of Saicos Ultra Matt Premium Hardwax-Oil.

The kitchen was designed and fitted by us, with a deliberate emphasis on zoning areas for preparation, cooking and cleaning, rather than the traditional working triangle. Quartz worktops were chosen for their hygienic properties, uniform appearance and durability, supplied and fitted by Cool Rock.

Wanting something a little different for the stairs, we designed and built a self-supporting storage staircase from moisture resistant MDF. 45mm English Tiger Brown Oak stair treads, again from Vastern Timber, are cantilevered by approximately one-third of the total width of the staircase, providing an open feel and a smaller footprint in the room. The balustrade is made from solid steel rods with custom made fixings into the ceiling.