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Modernist self-build - EWI & rainscreen cladding

What do you mean, cream coloured render?

To upgrade the thermal efficiency of the building, cover up the tatty appearance of the remaining reconstituted Bath stone cavity walls and emphasise the Modernist design of the building, we used an external wall rainscreen cladding and insulated render system from Sto, installed by approved contractor Kennet Construction.

The white render finish was an important design aspect, however the Council's planning department were resisting the use of white and advising that cream should be used. We felt strongly that this would be incorrect for the overall design, so to achieve approval for white render from the planning department we wrote a visibility and impact report to justify the use of white in the location, assessing the impact from the roadside of the property and from various locations across the valley.

The insulated render is comprised of adhesive and mechanically fixed 120mm EPS insulation boards, a cement-free reinforcing render with glass fibre mesh embedded into a reinforcing coat, and a white silicone resin render finish.

The rainscreen cladding uses a recycled glass render carrier board, with the same reinforcing render and glass fibre mesh and silicone resin render topcoat to provide a uniform and seamless appearance.