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Modernist self-build - Completed exterior

So, what leads two digital designers with no real prior building skills to undertake a building project?

Whilst we both love working in the fast moving, ever changing digital media environment, we wanted to work on a project that would have more of a permanent basis and be less susceptible to change over a short period of time.

This led us to pursue a personal project of renovating a 1960's property into a unique and striking example of Modernist architecture whilst upgrading the thermal efficiency of the building using modern technologies. Although we say 'renovating', it actually ended up being practically demolished, with only the foundations and a couple of walls left standing.

We concentrated on the external design style as this is usually less altered - people generally change their interiors more frequently but leave the exterior of their building relatively untouched.

We both felt that we could successfully translate our creative, management and technical skills into our build project. We knew that we both wanted to be hands on during the design and construction process, so we decided how we would like to change the building and submitted our own planning application. Once approved we engaged and worked with Bath based structural engineers at Rexon Day and architect Bernardo Mori for the construction detailing whilst we continued to define construction products and contracted manufacturer approved installers.