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Dyson International Dealer Training DVD

Designed to train dealers in the range of Dyson products and their features and benefits, in addition to the history of Dyson and background info. Versions were created for Australia & New Zealand, Denmark, France, Germany & Austria, Holland & Belgium, Italy, Ireland, Spain & Portugal, Switzerland, and the USA.

Responsible for the video direction & detailed storyboarding of shots to show the specific features of the vacuum cross-referenced to a matrix of features for specific markets, script editing, overseeing sound recording in eight languages, set design to portray a 'lifestyle' feel, capturing, editing and sequencing of the footage to demonstrate the features, re-sequencing footage where necessary to accommodate the differing voiceover lengths, design and creation of menus, co-ordination and implementation of language subtitles and final production of each DVD language version ready to be sent to mastering.