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Oxford Living Grammar for Oxford University Press

Designed to support students through self-study, Oxford Living Grammar is a four level grammar course that explains and practises grammar through everyday contexts and real-life situations. We were commissioned to produce an application to support each level of the course.

Each of the four applications is based on 30 activity units that contain interactive grammar exercises linked to 'Word Focus' activities to encourage vocabulary. Listening mazes were developed that allow students to read and listen to a conversation, choose a response and then record themselves speaking the response they chose. The student could then play back the complete conversation with their own recording and compare their pronunciation to pre-recorded audio of the model dialogue. Reading mazes allowed students to read and select their own responses to a situation or dialogue. Both maze exercise types were driven through XML based content files that allowed for multi-stranded conversations.

In addition, a 'test' section was included for students to assess the accuracy of their learning, including results tracking and printable results pages.